Scalabilly begins

I decided to start this blog as a central place to share all things around my professional interests such as building SaaS software and the related aspects of technology, marketing, team work and entrepreneurship in general.

Main thing is I’m going to write about things that both: (a) interest me; and (b) could be useful for others. My interests are quite chaotic in their diversity and include SaaS, mobile messaging (XMPP, WebRTC, SIP), mesh networks, product marketing, startup engineering, but also things such as space exploration, practical psychology,  computer vision, quantum mechanics, aikido and playing guitar.

The name idea basically comes from scalability (as in scalable software, scalable business) and rockabilly which is supposed to mean in this context we don’t only talk & do tech, but we also have fun along the way.

This is a personal blog, I write it in my personal time and all opinions are my own. I may reference some cases from projects and businesses I’m involved with for the benefit of both the reader and business/project in question. This platform allows covering certain aspects in better detail, something I won’t be able to do in a company/project blog due to format or other limitations. There will be no special effort devoted to staying more un-biased and objective than I am; this blog shall be treated as post-work musings of a guy who still thinks about work and may be biased (and certainly doesn’t mind more traffic and leads coming into his projects), but honestly wants to share some insights or maybe ask questions and initiate discussion to learn more from others.

It would be nice in future to build a discussion platform here where other authors could join and write posts, upload tutorials etc but we’ll see how it goes and if I’m able to maintain steady and useful publications in the first place.

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